How to Fix Airdrop Not Working Issue?

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Airdrop not working is a simple problem, let’s see what kind of steps can be taken to resolve this issue. Airdrop is a feature which assists users to transfer files from one device to another. It uses the Bluetooth feature to complete transferring of files between various apple devices. Many times you will face issues while transferring files. To resolve the issue of Airdrop not working properly, you can take the following steps into consideration to resolve this issue.

Airdrop not working

  1. First and foremost, you should check whether your device is compatible with Airdrop. Since Airdrop is a faster way of exchanging files from one apple device to another.  Compatibility between the apple devices and Airdrop plays a critical role to complete this action efficiently.
  2. Airdrop facilitates peer to peer connection between devices which can be established when the device is discoverable within 30 feet of Wi-Fi router. This helps you to establish a seamless connection. 
  3. You need to understand the Airdrop setting in a clear manner. The first setting you should be aware about is that your device is not visible to other devices which are compatible with Airdrop. If you select the setting called contacts only your device will be visible to the contacts within your list. If you select the setting called everyone, this will help you to make you device visible to all the users who use Airdrop in the nearby area. 
  4.  You can modify the Airdrop setting in the following way, Settings-General- Airdrop- Choose the desired setting of your choice. 
  5. Now open the control center- choose the network card option- select the desired setting for Airdrop. This enables the discovery of an apple device within the range of your Airdrop.
  6. If the receiving off settings of Airdrop gets stuck, you can follow the following instructions. Settings-Screen time- now choose content and research Option-Ensure Airdrop setting is turned on.
  7. Now adjust the Airdrop discovery setting for Mac device, for this Launch your finder- click on the option permit me to get discovered by- Select the necessary setting for Airdrop discovery in a Mac device.
  8. Now use the following steps to resolve Airdrop not working.  This issue arises due to issues in the firewall. Click on the apple menu- choose system preferences- select privacy and settings- click on the bottom left corner- enter the password given by the administrator- ensure block all connections option is unchecked.
  9. The Airdrop is not working properly is also because the Wi-Fi connection is not established correctly. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be established seamlessly. This helps you to use the Airdrop whenever required if both connections are securely established.
  10. Go to settings – click on the option turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, make sure the airplane mode is turned off to help you to enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setting accordingly.

Airdrop Not Working- Gets Resolved By Hard Reset:

Airdrop not working

  1. Press and hold the power button of your iPhone. 
  2. Now tap on the home button along with power button. 
  3. Ensure both buttons are pressed together until the Apple logo is visible on the screen of your iPhone. 

Airdrop is not working on iPhone 7:  

  1. Tap and hold the power button. 
  2. Now hold the power button and volume button to carry out the hard reset. This helps in ensuring the Airdrop works properly and the issue of Airdrop not working gets resolved smoothly. 

Airdrop Not Working in your iPhone 8 and IPAD along with other devices:

  1. Press and Release the volume button on the left hand side. 
  2. Press and hold the button on the right hand side. 
  3. Continue this process until you see the Apple logo which help you to restart the device this will also resolve the issue of Airdrop not working on other devices. 

Airdrop is not working on Mac: 

  • Select the Apple Menu. 
  • Select the Restart Button to ensure Airdrop begins to function smoothly on the Mac device.

Airdrop is not working – Gets Resolved Through Regular Updates:

Airdrop not working

  • Regularly update your apple device to resolve the issue of Airdrop not working.
  • Settings- General tab- Software updates- Download, install, and update the device software. 
  • In a Mac device follow the below instructions to update your Software, Settings – System preferences- software update-update now.

Airdrop Not Working- Reset the Networks:  

It is better to reset your networks to fix the issue of Airdrop not working on a permanent basis. 

Settings – General – click on reset- reset network settings- enter your password- click on reset network settings to resolve the issue of Airdrop not working properly. If you still facing issue then connect with apple support on given link.


Most frequent questions and answers

When you leave your iPhone  or other apple devices in Airplane mode or do not disturb mode the Airdrop will not work. You need to ensure that your phone or apple device is not in airplane or do not disturb mode.

  • Check the compatibility of your device. 
  • Check your wireless connections. 
  • Avoid using the hotspot. 
  • Ensure the Airdrop receiving settings are properly configured. 
  • Make sure that ICloud is always signed in. 
  • Restart your Apple device. 
  • Update your IOS and Mac OS. 
  • Ensure that Network settings are properly reset.

Touch and hold the bottom screen click on the control setup setting. Now click on Airdrop, make your device discoverable so that you can use the Airdrop to transfer and share various files from one apple device to another.

You can transfer as many files as you like, the files can be saved in an application the matches the file type. For example, photos get saved in a photos app. A presentation can be saved in the key note app.

In case the file size being transferred is too big. It may take a long time to transfer the file. If the device accepting the file has less space it will not allow the file to be transferred.

  • Open the airdrop in the finder. 
  • Set your visibility on mac devices as everyone. 
  • Disable do not disturb for Airdrop to work properly. 
  • Ensure no incoming connections are blocked. 
  • Ensure bluetooth settings have been turned on for Airdrop not working issue to get resolved.
  • Restart your equipment. 
  • Restart your mac device in SMC and PRAM. 
  • Sign in again into apple device with your apple id and password. 
  • Reinstall the Mac operating system for smooth functioning of Airdrop. 
  • Ensure the software of the device is timely updated. 
  • Ensure the networks are connected appropriately.

The do not disturb feature does not permit a user to receive airdrop requests. You must disable the do not disturb feature to receive airdrop requests in a timely manner. This also helps you to resolve the issue of Airdrop not working properly.

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