How to Make Chrome Dark Mode?

If you’re like me, your eyes are strained after spending too long looking at a screen. A dark theme can reduce eyestrain, which is why I’m excited to bring you Chrome dark mode. It’s easy to switch between light to dark mode.

The most popular browser is google chrome as it is easy to use and for mobile users, battery life can be boosted by making changes. As everyone knows, Google uses white theme and it causes eye strain and headache for people using google chrome at night. But google has provided ‘dark mode’ feature for every device available, so that no one will have a problem using google chrome at night or dim light areas. By enabling Chrome dark mode, the white theme changes to black theme preventing people from having eye strain and headache. As confirmed by google, dark mode will use less battery as compared to light mode.

Enabling dark mode on different devices is very easy and also there are different steps to enable dark mode on different devices. All the devices like android, iOS, windows, mac and many more support dark mode on google chrome

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How to turn on dark mode in Windows?

Steps to enable dark mode on google chrome in windows are mentioned below:-

  • At the desktop, right click and choose personalize.
  • Now at the left side, look for the color option and select it.
  • Look for the ‘Choose your color’ section.
  • Now select the dark option from the ‘choose your color’ drop down menu.

Now Google chrome will switch to dark mode including home page, settings, downloads, etc.

Note:- Remember that switching to dark mode from the personalize section won’t switch the websites to dark mode.

How to turn on Chrome dark mode for websites?

Turning on dark mode for website and the contents of the website is different as it is chrome’s hidden dark mode which alters the color of content of webpages and it also makes the images less flashy so it won’t cause eye strain.

Chrome Dark Mode on websites

To enable Chrome dark mode for websites, follow the below steps: –

  • First open the Google chrome browser.
  • Now in the address bar type or copy and paste this chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark 
  • After typing and pressing enter, chrome’s experiment page will be accessible.
  • Search for ‘force dark mode option for web contents’ in the appear page and at the right side of this option there is a menu, select it.
  • In the menu, look for the enable option and click it.
  • At the bottom of the page, watch for the relaunch option.
  • After clicking the relaunch option, the chrome will relaunch with dark mode on the contents of web pages also.

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Changing Chrome to dark mode for macOS

Chrome Dark Mode on Mac OS

Let’s go through the steps to change dark mode for macOS.

  • First of all, visit the ‘system preferences.
  • Now look for a ‘general’ option and click at the bott
  • After that select the ‘Appearance” option.
  • Now the dark option will be visible.
  • Select the dark option and done.

How to turn on dark mode on Android and iOS?

Android and iOS both have chrome apps available on their respective app stores. Turning Chrome dark mode on for both devices is very simple as only on or off option is required to select in settings. But just as the windows, iOS and android’s dark mode will only be applicable on menu and setting pages not on the content of web pages.

To enable full dark mode which will be applicable on content of web pages also, follow the below steps: –

  • First of all, open the chrome app on your respective device.
  • At the top right corner, select the three dots.
  • Find the settings and select it.
  • Now look for the theme option in the setting menu.
  • Select the theme option.
  • Now look for the dark mode option and enable it.
  • Chrome will now convert into dark mode but not the content of web pages.
  • For that, go to the home screen of the chrome app.
  • In the address bar, type chrome: flags and proceed.
  • Now a search bar will be visible on top.
  • Type dark in the search bar and proceed.
  • Now look for ‘force dark mode for web content’ and select the menu available at right.
  • Now press the enable option.
  • Look for the relaunch option at the bottom and select it.
  • To enable dark mode, enable the option saying ‘Darken websites checkbox in themes settings’.
  • Now relaunch the app and revisit the theme in settings.
  • Now under the dark option,’ darken website’ option will be visible.
  • After selecting it, your chrome app will run in dark mode including content of web pages.

So all the devices to dark mode are mentioned above, just follow the steps and you will be able to get dark mode on your respective devices.

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