A Complete Guide About How To Use Discord Spoiler Tags

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A word that everyone hates and that is SPOILERS. Majority of people don’t like spoilers, well why would they like it, who would want to know that their favorite character is going to die in the upcoming movie or episode. But I bet we all have that one friend who loves to spit spoilers all the time. Now Discord has become a platform that most people are adopting now. According to Google around 80% of people are using discord. So, if it becomes very obvious, that people will tend to be caught by the spoilers. Now that’s where Discord spoiler tags make an entrance. This will automatically make it easy for the people to not get caught by the spoilers anymore on discord.

Discord Spoiler Tags

Discord spoiler tags is a feature that just blacks out the entire message that comprises the spoiler and people can just ignore the message or just tap the message to view what’s hidden behind the black color.

How does Discord Spoiler Tag work?

Now that’s where the main topic comes in, many people are now wondering how am i supposed to make my message say that it contains spoilers, well that’s not the case anymore because it’s very simple to mark your message as a spoiler. Discord just came up with the finest solution to cover up the spoilers. With the assistance of Discord spoiler tags , not just the whole message but people can even mark specific parts of your message as a spoiler.

All that needs to be done is just highlight the part of the message that needs to be marked as a spoiler and then an eye icon is gonna pop up and then all that needs to be done is just click that icon and done, your message won’t be visible until someone won’t click it. Spoiler messages can be hidden again by leaving the channel but you can’t take out from your head that you have seen it.  But keep in mind that if the message comprises code blocks then the part of the message inside code blocks will not be hidden.

There is another syntax available to mark a message as spoiler and that is just use the markdown symbol || spoiler text || or just type slash / before the message. A syntax is provided below for better understanding of how to use Discord Spoiler tags.

Discord Text spoiler tag

Syntax: – || Message comprising spoiler || or /message comprising spoiler

Image/Video/Link Spoiler Tags

The best bit of Discord Spoiler tags is that it doesn’t only work on text messages, it also works on images, videos and links.

And another best bit is marking an image as a spoiler is a lot simpler than marking a message. During upload of the image or video just tick the box that says “mark as a spoiler” and done, the respective image or video is now marked as a spoiler. But with advantages there will always be a disadvantage and that is image or video spoilers are only available for desktop clients.  

And now comes for the link, the markdown symbol is used to hide links that contain spoilers. Syntax to hide links are mentioned below.

Syntax: – || url ||

Discord link spoiler tag

Please keep in mind that discord server invites cannot be hidden by the assistance of discord spoiler tags.

Brave Ones

This is the part where the brave ones make an entrance who don’t fear spoilers. They are like “if you think I will be feared by spoilers then you are wrong, I don’t fear anything”. Therefore Discord special tags has also keep them in mind by providing different options for spoiler messages and for that just go to user settings and look for “text and images” and then look for a context saying “SHOW SPOILER CONTENT” , now there will be three options :-

On click: – For those who change their minds and don’t want to know that their favorite character is not  going to exist for long.

On Servers I Moderate: – For the owners of the server, who want to see spoiler messages on their servers only.

Always: – For the brave ones who don’t fear the fact of losing their favorite character. 

It is a Discord feature which is only available for the clients using desktop.

Discord Spoiler tags on Mobile

Discord Spoiler Tags

Many people use smartphones for discord and for them Discord Spoiler tags are available on mobile apps too. Spoiler tags work in the same manner as it works on a desktop. The way of using spoiler tags is almost the same in mobile app too.

Images or videos cannot be hidden from mobile applications. Therefore, only messages and links can be hidden from mobile app.

 For mobile, markdown symbols can be used to mark a message as spoiler and for links too.

For IOS users, just highlight your text and mark as spoiler text will pop up and just snap that icon and done. I hope this will help you a lot here you can also read about forgot discord password follow step by step and get your password.

Please keep in mind that mobile users cannot disable spoiler tags feature.

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