A Complete Guide About How to Connect AirPods To Android

In this article, we will show you how to connect AirPods to Android phone. The perfect pairing device anyone can think of is Apple AirPods. The best music quality and long-lasting battery that AirPods provide are just seamless. As many people think that if they purchase an AirPods, they need to purchase an iPhone also, but that’s where they are wrong. 

Apple AirPods can be attached to android devices too just like a simple Bluetooth device. But yes, there will be some decrease in the number of features that AirPods can provide if you connect it with an android phone like the battery bar won’t be visible and you can’t use your google assistant through apple AirPods. But that can also be solved by alternative apps you can download but we will move on to that later sometime because now, we are here to tell you how to connect AirPods to an android.

So, connecting an AirPods to an android is a very effortless process and it is just similar to connecting any other Bluetooth device. All that needs to be done is follow the steps about how to connect AirPods to android devices:-

How to Connect Airpods to  Android?

STEP 1: First of all, pick up your android phone.

STEP 2: Now visit the settings and go into the Bluetooth settings.

STEP 3: After getting in the Bluetooth settings, turn on the Bluetooth.

STEP 4: Now take the case of your AirPods but don’t take your AirPods out of the case.

How to Connect Airpods to  Android

STEP 5: Look for the white button visible on the back of the case.

STEP 6: Press the button and keep pressing it until a white light flash.

STEP 7: Now back to the android phone.

STEP 8: Revisit the Bluetooth in the settings and now the AirPods should be visible in the list of available devices.

STEP 9: Now select the AirPods from the list and the devices should be connected with each other.

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After going through the above steps, you will be able to use your AirPods with android devices and if anyone faces any issue like audio not coming and disconnecting issue, try to keep the AirPods back into the case for a few seconds and then use them to solve these kinds of issues.

AirPods pro is also compatible to be connected with android phones. The process to connect AirPods pro to android phone is just the same as the above process without any single difference in the steps. You may need to connect manually if the AirPods don’t connect themselves automatically after taking them out from the case.

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