How to connect AirPods to iPhone?

As we know that Apple has unveiled AirPods in the year 2016, since then the AirPods gained a lot of popularity among tech enthusiasts and regular users. There is no prior complication in connecting Airpods to iPhone and it can be easily done by following a few steps. Here we will talk about how to connect airpods by following the simple procedure.

Swipe down from the top right or from the bottom (iPhone 8+ and below) to access the Control Center. When you access the audio panel/card on the top right by pressing and holding on to it, you should see your AirPods connected and the option “Share Audio”. Tap this and follow the instructions to know about how to connect airpods to iphone (to connect all the iPhones).

  1. Switch on the iPhone in which you want to connect your AirPods and head to the home screen.
  2. Bring your AirPods closer to your iPhone so that it can easily detect it, open the case of AirPods. 
  3. A setup message (Connect) will appear on the screen of your iPhone, click on “connect” and then click on done. 

If you have successfully executed the above-mentioned steps then your Airpods are now paired with your iPhone, you can now enjoy music or movies with an elegant experience. Apart from that, if you clearly understand “how to connect airpods to iPhone” then your other apple device will also connect automatically with your Airpods. 

How to switch AirPods to another iPhone

AirPods are a widely used accessory of apple. Sometimes you want to switch to another iPhone, but you find yourself in trouble. So now we will move forward to know the steps about how to connect airpods. This pairing feature is proprietary and is only supported on Apple devices. 

  1. Bring your Airpods and iPhone in close contact and gently open the case of your Airpods.
  2. “Connect” notification will prompt on the screen of your iPhone, tap on connect to pair your Airpods with another iPhone. 
  3. In the final step about how to pair AirPods, you will need to hold the button on the backside of the AirPods case, release the hold when it starts blinking white. Your Airpods will successfully connect with another Apple iPhone. 

How to connect AirPods to iPad 

Airpods basically establish the connection via embedded Bluetooth hardware. Be sure to have Airpods and the device Bluetooth turned on and paired by pressing the button on your Airpods. Airpods Pro can connect with any apple device. Even with android phones, but the tap touch function and many others will not work. But yes they’ll work with iPad Pro and other Apple devices. This can be instantly done if paired with the iOS device. So, let us proceed to know about the steps about how to pair airpods with iPads.  

How to Connect Airpods
  1. First of all, swipe down the notification panel of your iPad from the home screen, you will see an image of Airpods. 
  2. If the image doesn’t appear on the screen then stay in the control center and press long on the music control option. 
  3. Click on the music source icon (it will appear adjacent to the current song). Change it to your AirPods. Your Airpods will get connected with your iPad.

Some of the iPads (especially the older version) are difficult to pair with the Airpods. The reason is the Bluetooth version and chipset of the older iPads. Modern Airpods come with W1 chips. Essentially the W1 chip is some “secret sauce” on top of the standard Bluetooth spec that enables seamless pairing, better battery life, and longer range. We’ve heard W1 devices have better audio clarity but we are not sure if that’s the case or if it’s just a rumor. Although, you can even connect those iPads by following the above-mentioned steps. 

How to pair AirPods to Windows Laptop & Computer

It is quite simple to connect Airpods to Windows-based laptops and computers but it will not give you a smooth and reliable experience like iPhone/iPads and other Apple devices. A lot of users face issues while connecting their Airpods to their laptop/ pc. Most of the time, the issue arises in the audio quality and unwanted disconnection, the audio doesn’t play from the AirPods on the first try. You have to manually connect every time from settings. Although, the pairing is simple and we will let you know the simplest steps about how to connect airpods.

  1. Bring your Airpods closer to your windows laptop/pc (if you are using a Bluetooth adaptor in your pc, then bring your Airpods closer to the adaptor) and open the case of the air pods. 
  2. Press and hold the button (situated on the back of the Airpods) till the light glows white.  
  3. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your pc/laptop and look for new devices, there you will see Airpods, tap on it to pair with laptop/pc. The process will complete within seconds, now you can listen to music from your laptop via Air pods. 

Hope this is enough to pair AirPods or you can troubleshoot yourselves by turning on or off Bluetooth and repeating the process. You should wait for a while before using your Airpods with your Laptop/PC after completing the pairing process. 

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How to pair AirPods to Android Device

If you are looking for how to connect airpods to Android devices then you are in right place. You can pair AirPods to any Bluetooth-capable device (Android, etc.) but you don’t get the benefit of the secret sauce. Just pair them like any other Bluetooth device, there is no passcode. I’m not sure if the double-tap actions work at all on non-Apple devices, I suspect they don’t.

So far only the Apple devices are locked to the point where you need an iPhone to set up it. But now apple accessories can be connected to a plethora of devices and here we will get to know about “how to connect airpods” to other compatible devices. Apple announced an option called Family Setup which allows more than one Watch to be initiated and linked to the same iPhone which might open the door for this device to be able to work at some level with an Android phone. 

How to Connect Airpods
  1. Open the upper case of the Airpods in order to connect it with Android devices. 
  2. Press the button at the back of the charging case for a few seconds until you see a white light flashing between the AirPods on its case.
  3. Next, head to Bluetooth settings on your Android > Scan for new devices > Tap on the name of your AirPods > Connect/Pair.

AirPods can be used as regular Bluetooth headphones but all the special features like auto-pairing, switching from one device to another or things like transparency mode only work on iOS devices. iPhones and iPads can’t use special features such as Airdrop, iMessages. All the prior features of the Airpods can be availed while using it with iPhone. 

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