A Complete Guide About How To Use Discord Spoiler Tags

Discord Spoiler Tags

Table of Contents A word that everyone hates and that is SPOILERS. Majority of people don’t like spoilers, well why would they like it, who would want to know that their favorite character is going to die in the upcoming movie or episode. But I bet we all have that one friend who loves to … Read more

What to Do If Your Windows Update Stuck | Step By Step Guide

Windows Update Stuck

Table of Contents Windows update stuck is a very common problem that occurs in your system. Due to regular software and hardware challenges that you might face Windows update get stuck is also one of the problems that might arise. There are many steps that can help you to resolve this issue easily. Some of … Read more

How to Fix Airdrop Not Working Issue?

Airdrop not working

Table of Contents Airdrop not working is a simple problem, let’s see what kind of steps can be taken to resolve this issue. Airdrop is a feature which assists users to transfer files from one device to another. It uses the Bluetooth feature to complete transferring of files between various apple devices. Many times you … Read more

Forgot Discord Password || Complete Guide To Reset Password

Forgot Discord Password

Table of Contents Do you use Discord as your primary communication tool? Then, you must have experienced that frustrating feeling when you have to change the password due to hacking, data breach, or when you Forgot Discord Password. However, you should be happy to know that you can change your Discord password quite effortlessly and … Read more