Get Snapchat Dark Mode to Stay Out of the Dark

Snapchat Dark Mode is a feature that many users have been asking for since the app first came out. This article will teach you how to toggle it on or off. Many people experience eye strain during use of smartphones at night which causes headache and blue light that emits from the screen is very harmful for eyes. A feature called dark mode is very common nowadays in many social media apps and many smartphones support this feature. Dark mode is a feature which transforms the screen color of a smartphone in opposite manner making it possible to use smartphones at night without eye straining.

One of the well known social media apps is Snapchat which is growing rapidly these days. This app offers to chat, share media with your loved ones. Most of the people use snap chat at night but the lights coming from the phone causes eye strain and makes it difficult to use at night. Enabling Snapchat dark mode on snapchat can be confusing for many people using android. On an iPhone, it is very simple to enable dark mode but there are many problems with using dark mode on android because snapchat hasn’t released dark mode feature for android officially.

How to Get Snapchat Dark Mode on iPhone?

Below steps are the steps to enable dark mode on snapchat on iPhone: –

  1. First of all, open the snapchat app.
Snapchat dark mode

2. Visit your profile in the app by snapping your bitmoji visible on the top left corner.

Snapchat dark mode

3. Now, the gear option will be visible at the top right corner.

4. Tap on the gear option.

Snapchat dark mode on iphone

5. Now scroll through the options and find an option ‘App Appearance’.

Snapchat dark mode on iphone

 6. Now choose the option ‘always dark’.

After going through the above steps, Snapchat dark mode will be activated on your snapchat.

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How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android?

The Snapchat dark mode feature is not yet officially released for android on snapchat. But there is an alternative approach to permit dark mode on android. Not all smartphones support that way but most of the phones do. So you can attempt this approach to allow dark mode on snapchat on android.

To enable dark mode on snapchat, you don’t need to modify settings of the app. For this way ,settings of the phone need to be modified. Here are the measures to allow dark mode on snapchat on android.

  • First of all, visit the setting of the mobile phone by swiping down from up to bottom on screen.
  • On the top right corner, a gear option will be visible.
  • After tapping that option, you will reach settings.
  • Look for the display option and click it.
  • Now, a ‘dark mode’ option will be visible.
  • Enable the  Snapchat dark mode option.
  • Now revisit the settings and look for the ‘About Phone’ option which can be found at the bottom.
  • After getting the ‘About phone’ option, Tap on ‘system information’.
  • Now, tap the ‘Build number’ six times, then at the bottom a message will be visible saying ‘developer mode after 3 clicks.
  • After completing the process, password or code should be entered to enable developer mode.
  • Again, revisit settings and look for ‘developer options.
  • After getting into developer options, look for ‘force dark mode’ and enable it.
  • Now you can close settings.

Above steps will most probably enable dark mode for your mobile phone including for snapchat app too.

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