What to Do If Your Windows Update Stuck | Step By Step Guide

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Windows update stuck is a very common problem that occurs in your system. Due to regular software and hardware challenges that you might face Windows update get stuck is also one of the problems that might arise. There are many steps that can help you to resolve this issue easily. Some of these steps are discussed below. 

Windows Update Stuck

Resolve Windows Update Stuck Issue By Following These Methods:-

Ensure The Operating System Runs Smoothly: 

Windows update stuck can be resolved by ensuring that the operating system within the computer is working smoothly and efficiently. This means the operating system plays a critical role and prevents Windows update from getting stuck during critical business operations. 

Check Whether Windows update is stuck  A Real Scenario: 

You should take proper measures to understand whether your Windows update is stuck in reality or not. This helps you to take appropriate measures to rectify this issue without really doing a rectification without a proper need. It is not a good idea to mend the fundamental processes till it becomes extremely necessary. 

Turn off & Turn on Your Computer Again: 

To resolve Windows update stuck the simplest trick that always works is turn off and turn on your computer again. This helps you to restart the Windows from scratch which helps to ensure update stuck can be resolved in a smooth manner. You can also use the hard reset option to resolve this issue easily. 

Cross Check the Windows Update Utility Window: 

To resolve the Windows update stuck issue you can cross check the Windows update utility window in the settings section. This section also helps you to reveal the details of the exact issue your Windows update is facing. The Windows update utility helps you to check the history for updates. You can also uninstall some of the updates to ensure Windows update stuck gets resolved. 

Microsoft Program for Troubleshooting: 

Windows update stuck is a common error. To resolve this issue, you should focus on running the Microsoft program for troubleshooting. This is another way to resolve the common error related to Windows update. You can click the troubleshooting program from the control panel. You must focus on upgrading the operating system.

Ensure you Install Windows in a Safe Mode: 

Safe mode helps you to restore very basic applications. These are generally loaded into the memory. This helps you to update the Windows in a smooth and easy manner. This prevents any applications from interfering with updating Windows. It’s a good method to resolve Windows update stuck errors in an efficient manner. hold the power key, shift key and restart option to use this option easily. 

Delete Your Cache files of Windows Update:   

It is better if you delete the temporary files that have been created. These are cache files which prevent the Windows update from running smoothly on the system. Once you are able to delete the cache files you can easily resolve the issue of Windows update froze quickly and easily. Always remember to boot your computer in a safe mode.

Enable & Run a Virus Scan: 

Windows Update Stuck

Computer Virus can be a common issue which can be a prime reason for Windows update stuck. To resolve this issue, you need to enable and run a thorough virus scan which detects the computer virus in your system. This way you can resolve the issue of Windows update stuck in a simple and easy manner. 

Reset Your Windows Completely:

Windows Update Stuck

You must refresh and reset your Windows completely, this removes the cache files and ensures you have the latest operating system in your system. You can reset the Windows completely from the recovery page and security setting. You can also visit windows support page to submit your issue regarding your device and get resolve in few minutes.

Causes Behind Windows update getting stuck:  

  • Windows update gets stuck due to software problems. 
  • Windows update gets stuck due to conflict between one or more software. 
  • Numerous window updates done at the same time can result in your Windows update to get hanged. 

Strategies to Fix the error Windows Update Freeze:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to ensure the installation process for Windows restarts again. This also directs you to the Windows login screen in a simple and easy manner. 
  • It is better to restart your computer to revive your computer from the error of Windows Update getting stuck. 
  • If the installation process of Windows update is actually stuck or frozen. You will have to reboot your system simply to ensure the Windows refreshes itself and runs the update process smoothly. 
  • To relaunch the Windows update you can restart the Windows in a safe mode. This always helps you to remove the issue of Windows update getting stuck. 
  • Carry out an automatic repair process to resolve the issue of window update getting stuck. 
  • Ensure you have memory space available to carry out the updates properly. 
  • Ensure you run a clean install of Windows which means erase the older version of Windows and then install a new update of Windows in the system.


Most frequent questions and answers

You must ensure your window updates are really stuck. You can turn off and turn on your system once again, run a troubleshooting program to resolve this issue. Consider launching Windows in a safe mode. Delete cache files and also run a proper virus scan for the same.

Windows gets stuck while checking for updates because of pending updates that are not yet installed in the system. You must run the pending updates and allow them to download and complete so that Windows update getting stuck can be resolved easily.

You can identify the Windows update is stuck when in the performance window you are able to see no activity at all in the CPU, Memory, Disk, and internet, this clearly states that your Windows update has got stuck.

It is not advisable that you turn off the computer while the updates are getting saved on the system. This means that the system will return to the previous version of software and not restore the newer version of the update.

Corrupted and faulty drivers are a prime reason that does not allow your system to update on time. It also affects the speed at which the system is able to download the files. To solve this issue, you need to update the drivers properly.

Normally a Windows update can take 10 to 20 minutes for the entire process to complete. The time taken by the update also depends on the size of the update. If the size of the update is large it will take more time to get updated.

The following factors affect Windows update: 

  • Age of your computer. 
  • Internet speed of your system. 
  • It can also take 24 hours with a stable internet connection and an advance machine.

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